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Flat Ribbon IDC & Flat Flex

DDH Enterprise, Inc. offers the production of customized flat ribbon IDC and flat flex cables. We specialize in providing bespoke solutions build to print from our clients’ exact drawing designs. We have a wide range of services to suit most applications, including high end IDC connectors for electronics, military and medical applications, and flat flex assemblies.

DDH Capabilities

  • Providing high quality materials for the most demanding applications
  • Manufacturing flat ribbon cables in various lengths and configurations
  • Offering unique solutions for challenging cable requirements
  • Utilizing double-shielded and plenum-rated flat ribbon cables
  • Customizing flat ribbon cables for unique applications
  • High mix, low to mid volume and high volume
  • Complete Consignment and Turnkey Solutions
  • 100% Test and Inspection

Quality Assurance

  • Ensure the electrical properties of all cable assemblies meet design specifications
  • Ensure that all contacts are properly crimped and soldered within the required tolerances
  • ISO 9001, ISO 13845, IPC/WHMA-A620, RoHS, and UL Certified

What is a flat flex cable?

A flat flexible cable (FFC) is a type of flexible printed circuit used in electronic equipment to construct thin, light-weight, and high-density interconnections usually between two PCBs. They are similar to ribbon cables, but much thinner, and can have up to hundreds of conductors in a narrow cable. FFC cables are used in the assembly of components such as LCDs, switches, and inverters.

What is a flat ribbon IDC?

A flat ribbon IDC (Insulation displacement contact) cable is a type of cable that multiple copper conductors arranged in a flat, ribbon-like structure. The transmission lines for each conductor are positioned side by side, with insulation separating each conductor from the next. The ends of the cable are terminated with connectors that press down onto each conductor, making a secure and reliable connection.


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